Fog Girl Explains Misting Pump Differences

Fog Girl Explains Misting Pump Differences

Fog Girl debuts in the release of the first of a series of instructional and educational videos. Her first release, “Apples and Oranges” takes the confusion out of the evaluation process by stepping through common differences in engineering and design for high pressure, pure water misting and fog pumps. As Fog Girl points out, “there ARE differences between Apples and Oranges.”

Koolfog Girl

But understanding subtle differences for product comparisons can be daunting. Between marketing and specification sheets, it’s hard to know what is truly important. Don’t worry, Fog Girl breaks it down to three main categories.

Sacramento Misting Philosophy: We’ve designed outdoor misting and fog solutions to a wide range of client needs. Our experience with resorts & hotels, restaurants, agriculture, industrial and home applications allow us to copy what we’ve done for our largest clients and implement it for our smaller ones. Our philosophy centers around client customization and satisfaction, no matter the size or complexity.

Critical Features: We have designed our fog and misting pumps not only for pump safety, but to support maintenance for the long run. A low pressure cut off switch allows protection in the event that your water gets turned off. The drain solenoid releases pressure to save nozzles and pump seals from premature damage. Our polyethylene enclsoure helps to dampen noise, it won’t rattle, won’t rust and ensures protection against the elemental damage these kinds of pumps often face.

Serviceability: As Fog Girl points out, serviceability often gets left out during the purchase process but ends up being the main reason that determines client satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Sacramento Misting’s outdoor cooling misting pumps are designed with ease of serviceability in mind. As these systems require routine service at regular intervals in order to live to their fullest potential, we’ve included helpful gauges for troubleshooting needs. The hour meter found on the front of most of our pumps allows you to take control of your service needs. Along with the hour meter, Koolfog’s line of gauges are up front and easily accessible.

Although misting pump selections may have subtle differences, these completely define the end efficacy and maintenance of your outdoor cooling effect. Trust Fog Girl as she explains how these subtleties should help decide and define your purchase decisions.