Koolfog Launches New Product: Deck Fog Fixture

Koolfog’s New Deck Fog Fixture

Fog Can leaperIntroducing Koolfog’s Deck Fog Fixture, designed with fountain designers in mind allows for quick access to fog components. The Deck Fog fixture includes a decorative cover to flush nozzles to the surface. Optimized for “dry play” fog features, fogscapes or deck fountain fog.

Dry deck fountains are a system where water jets emit from surface level without the requirement of a visible water basin. Deck fountain surfaces are erected from poured concrete, pavers, tiles, grating or other material and the fountain jet fixtures sit flush to the surface. The same holds true for a Koolfog Deck Fog fixture with the exception that the Deck Fog system does not require recirculation of water. Fountain fog is produced via Koolfog’s high pressure pump that connects to the fountain from an adjacent equipment room or storage facility.

The Koolfog Deck Fog fixture is designed with integrated conduit connections for provisioning. A removable finish plate allows easy access to the internal components for installation and maintenance. Deck Fog fixtures can be daisy chained together and come with the option of 1, 3 or 4 nozzles per fixture to provide a variety of stunning visual effects.

With fountain designers, architects and contractors in mind, Koolfog’s Deck Fog system is easily integrated for ease of fog effect artistry.