7 Signs That You Need Outdoor Cooling This Summer

7 Signs That You Need Outdoor Cooling This Summer

The range of outdoor cooling solutions are exhaustive and most of them do not effectively lower ambient air temperatures. Not to mention, misting systems that do effectively lower temperatures are often considered to be a luxury item in most parts of the world, with the general exception of regions like our beloved Sacramento Valley. As Sacramento resident’s know well, as soon as the temperatures start to get above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, any outdoor activity MUST be shrouded in mist.

But for those of you new to the Valley, or who remain skeptical of the exact level of brutality our summers contain, this article is for you. Here are seven signs that you may need outdoor cooling this coming season.

1. You look like this when you sit outside.

2. You look like this after getting the mail.

3. You really DO like the outdoors. Like, really!

4. People and/or animals that are sensitive to extreme heat are important to you. (Meet Tony, a poor siberian husky who does not understand why he can’t go on a walk at 1 p.m. during the summer.)

5. Because four months of indoor activity is NOT why we live in California.

6. Your social life is suffering. Severely.

7. Your electric bill is $600 after you tried to cool your patio by blasting the air conditioning and opening the screen door. (That might have been a bad idea…)

No matter the reason, our nostalgic Sacramento summer is just around the corner. If you’re considering the investment of superior and effective outdoor cooling solutions this season, don’t be afraid to give us a call to schedule your free estimate.