Der Biergarten Glows with Added Outdoor Cooling

Der Biergarten Glows with Added Outdoor Cooling

Sean Derfield, the owner of Der Biergarten located in Midtown Sacramento, laughs with ease as we talk about his recent outdoor cooling adventures. He was concerned, he says. People would stop by during lunch, enjoy maybe half a beer, and then leave. “It was way too hot for people to enjoy themselves. They just weren’t hanging around, even at night.”

So, he went looking for outdoor cooling solutions. After contacting 6 local misting system companies from San Francisco to Sacramento, and only receiving only 3 call backs, he connected with Koolfog Sacramento. During a site visit with Mike Mulqueeney, one of the Directors of Koolfog, Sean was assured he was going with the right company.

“It’s not going to be cheaper but it’s because you’re getting extra value and substantial endurance,” Mulqueeney explained to Derfield. Derfield appreciated the transparency of the pricing process, the engineering of the system and benefits realized by clients that Mulqueeney shared. It helped that the other misting companies did not listen to Derfield’s needs and recommended systems that would not perform in his space. It also helped that Koolfog had over 25 years experience as one of the pioneers in the misting industry.

With the summer sun drying up Der Biergarten’s revenue, Derfield had to act. Quickly. As soon as the green light was given, Koolfog went to work. Now, if you take a peak at Der Biergarten’s patio during the hottest parts of the day, you will find Koolfog’s superior outdoor cooling enveloping Sean’s guests, successfully creating a refreshing, fun-filled atmosphere.

Der Biergarten was erected on the corner of 24th and K Street in Midtown, resurrecting a vacant lot that had been unused for 15 years. Two cargo containers, one 40 feet and the second 20 feet, house the bar area and the restrooms. The entire experience is outside, surrounded by expert landscaping and the stimulating culture of Midtown. With a light, yet authentic, German menu and over 30 beers available, your stein shall never be empty.

Outdoor cooling solutions, especially in restaurant or other commercial settings requires a system that is able to operate in a continuous-duty environment. Restaurants often utilize misting systems for upwards of 12 hours a day, demanding quality engineering and, as a result, reliability. Koolfog’s “made in the USA” solutions follow this philosophy. At the end of the day, your outdoor cooling solution is about creating a comfortable environment for your patrons. Koolfog’s extensive line of high-pressure, pure water misting systems offer exactly the system functionality and endurance that only the best restaurants use.