Water Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer: From Extra Drinks to Patio Misters

Water Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer: From Extra Drinks to Patio Misters

When summer rolls around, everyone knows that things are about to get hot. The temperature begins to gradually rise to the upper 80s, 90s and often higher in the Sacramento area. The steamy temperatures that come with this season are inevitable and people are always looking for ways to stay cool. Here are 5 ways to stay cool this summer:

1. Indulge in Icy Treats:
It’s summer! Why not reward yourself with a sweet treat. Indulge in a delicious Popsicle, Italian ice, sorbet or even a nice scoop of ice cream. Not only will it provide you with temporary relief from the sun’s beaming rays, but it will taste absolutely amazing as well!


2. Drink Plenty of Cool Water: While this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised by how many people fail to drink enough water during the summer season. It is essential to increase your water intake when dealing with hot temperatures because you will be sweating more, and need to replenish your body’s water supply. Keeping hydrated will also help to make you feel cooler, even when outside.


3. Check Your Windows: If you have found that your home is unusually hot during summer, it may be because your windows are not properly sealed. Check for cracks and areas where your home’s cool air could be escaping. Seal them off to keep the cool air inside your home. Furthermore, consider installing blinds to protect against radiant heat. This can make your home significantly cooler.


4. Wear Light Clothing: Summer is the season to wear light clothing. Pack away your sweaters, jeans and thick socks and exchange them for clothes that are appropriate for the heat. Thinner and lighter materials will help keep you cool. In addition, you should also strive to wear light colors because they do not absorb as much sunlight.


patio misters5. Patio Misters: Summer means pool parties and entertaining! High temperatures should not stop you from having a good time outdoors. Luckily, patio misters can keep you and all of your friends and family cool even during a heatwave. Surrounding your patio with misters can reduce the ambient temperature up to 30 degrees. That makes a big difference on a warm day and really extends the use of your outdoor space.

There are plenty of ways to stay cool in the summer. By far, the most important aspect is to stay hydrated and safe, while enjoying summer fun. If you’re considering installing patio misters, contact your local Koolfog team in Sacramento for a free quote.