Koolfog Fountain Fog Makes A Splash in Nashville

Koolfog Makes a Splash in Nashville

Welcome to a whole new Nashville! After the infamous flood of May 2, 2010 that damaged most of Tennessee, a number of businesses underwent renovations that have changed Nashville’s cultural ambiance in a positive way. Koolfog’s fog artistry was chosen for two incredible projects, aiding in the rebirth of some of Nashville’s greatest attractions.

Koolfog’s fountain fog makes a splash in Nashville in a recent creative collaboration with the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  At the center of the Delta Atrium, a fountain puts on a unique show and has become an attraction for guests of all ages. As fog billows over the spraying jets, lights in sync with the music create an experiential show that captivates a beautiful synthesis of fluidity and ambiance perfectly suited for Gaylord Opryland patrons.

The video below shows the fountain show in action.

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel is well known for it’s reputation of historical re-creation and consistent expansion. Since the original construction beginning in 1977, guest room additions and innovative water features have spattered the history pages of the Hotel. Starting in 1984, 480 guest rooms were added with another 797 added rooms only 4 years later. In 1996, the famous Delta Atrium was added. This quarter mile long river carry guests along in Delta Flatboats past a choreographed water feature that includes Koolfog fog, lights and music.

Cumberland Park Revitalization Project
Cumberland parkWe’re also proud to be part of the new Riverfront Revitalization Plan in Nashville. Cumberland Park, included in the Plan, contains many kid friendly features such as a sand pit with buried fossils, fountains meant for splashing and a rock climbing wall. Koolfog was selected for The Scoops: a cooling off area that features a stepping-stone path lined with fog that emits from under the ground.