Ettore’s European Bakery & Restaurant Patio Misting System Adds To It’s Allure

Ettore’s, with several boutique shoppes throughout the Sacramento region, is renowned as one of the area’s most exclusive and exquisite boulangeries and patisseries. With a storied history dating back to 1985, this family-owned bakery has consistently delivered artisanal pastries and bread that are nothing short of exceptional. To be treated to an Ettore masterpiece is truly an honor and Sacramento area residents pride themselves on serving Ettore offerings. Ettore’s has also become a destination for discerning foodies seeking award-winning dishes served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sunday brunch is also a big draw where guests can casually dine under the patio misting system at their Roseville location for an al fresco-styled eatery experience.

Let Them Eat Cake… & Everything Else
Their cake, cookie and pastry offerings are nothing short of spectacular, with a selection that transports you to a slice of France in the heart of Sacramento. Due to the high demand for Ettore’s cakes, it is advisable to place orders well in advance, especially for significant events and during popular celebration seasons. Ettore’s commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver cakes that not only meet but exceed customer expectations contribute to its continued popularity in the Sacramento area.
Ettore’s also showcases their pastries, including delectable croissants (warmly, flaky, and buttery), alongside a host of other French pastries like eclairs, tarts, and macarons. Each pastry is a work of art, meticulously prepared by skilled bakers who uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Offering a wide array of baked goods as well as burgers, soups, salads, pizza and more, Ettore’s Café is a one-stop destination for all things sweet and savory. Their boulangerie selection includes a diverse range of bread, from classic baguettes to hearty whole-grain loaves, each crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The quality and consistency of their bread are unmatched, and locals often praise the crispy crust and tender crumb of their products. Ettores team also captured the area’s top prize winning the Sacramento’s Burger Battle, cementing their reputation as a culinary destination.

A Patio Misting System Creates a Cool Place to Hang Out
Beyond their impeccable creations, Ettore’s also offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with friendly staff that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. Charming decor includes a generous patio misting system to welcome outdoor diners while creating a cool ambiance that complements the exceptional food. When the weather gets hot the patio misting system attracts diners to hang out for a while to enjoy their food and socialize in comfort. In the Sacramento region, Ettore’s is a true gem, celebrated for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and a dedication to perfection.

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