Burgers & Misters: A Love Story

Burgers & Misters: A Love Story

Richard Righton

Richard Righton is a serial entrepreneur. His love and affection for defining a comfortable dining atmosphere paired with a mouth watering menu and an extensive selection of brew, wine and cocktails is seemingly unmatched in the Sacremento area. When he opened his second restaurant, Relish Burger in El Dorado Hills, the intention of offering high quality comfort food along with a comfortable atmosphere was on the forefront of his mind. But comfort during the Sacramento summers can be a difficult challenge, unless equipped with effective cooling solutions that do more than simply fan hot air around. Incorporating high pressure misters to effectively lower temperatures up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit is pivotal in maintaining a consistent patronage across the seasons. Righton saw it as an opportunity to express his affection and continued thoughtfulness for a relaxed dining atmosphere. 

relishburgerlogoKoolfog’s high pressure misters surround Relish Burger’s outdoor patio, which situates itself in between the indoor and outdoor dining areas, capturing that ambiance of allure and comfort exclusive to a thoughtfully orchestrated dining experience. Extended seating and dining hours allows Righton to advance his thoughtful environment into otherwise lowly populated times while maintaining the standard of dining excellence he strives to achieve in each of his businesses. 

The beauty of food is it’s strength of building connections. Feasting has been a weaving catalyst in almost every culture for centuries. Conversations that turn to resilient memories often find themselves at the dinner table. But as Aristotle puts it, a whole is not the sum of it’s parts; it is much more. High pressure misters not only keep us at the table when it would otherwise be uncomfortable outside, they allure us to stay just a little longer. One more bite. One more drink. One more memory created.

Relish Burger’s extensive bar and gourmet burger menu calls to the fun in all of us. In affection and a pursuit to deliver the perfect dining experience, the food, the cooled air from the high pressure misters, the extensive cocktail, wine and beer selection and the sentiment of dedication extends a loving arm towards all who enter Relish Burger’s front door.