Outdoor Misters at Solid Ground Brewery & Winery Cool this Sierra Foothill HotSpot

As temperatures rise in California’s sun-drenched capital, Solid Ground Brewery & Winery’s outdoor oasis beckons patrons seeking respite from the heat. Central to this haven are its meticulously curated outdoor misters, positioned to envelop guests in a refreshing coolness while they savor their favorite refreshments paired with delicious food al fresco. Beyond mere comfort, these outdoor misters epitomize Solid Ground’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience, ensuring that every visit is not just a tasting journey but a memorable escape to relax and enjoy.

Beer, Wine & Cider House Rules
Solid Ground Brewery & Winery, founded in Diamond Springs, CA (east of Sacramento) is a unique tasting and taproom featuring beer, wine, cider. It is renowned for its exceptional craft beers, each meticulously brewed to perfection with a blend of quality ingredients and innovative techniques. Among its repertoire, the brewery is particularly acclaimed for its diverse range of hop-forward IPAs, boasting bold flavors and aromas that captivate the senses of beer enthusiasts. Praised for its commitment to sourcing local ingredients, their Sparkling Pinot Grigio & Sparling Noir Rose offer the perfect bubbles to give a cheer.

outdoor misters solid ground brewery and wineryTry a bite from their new Smokehouse BBQ Specials while you sip on a Raspberry Lime Spritzer made with Zinfandel grape juice, raspberry essence, and lime essence under the outdoor misters.

Solid Ground’s kitchen also whips up a variety of dishes from its diverse menu. Plates offering chicharrons, Thai Carrot Slaw, and Strawberry Salad go head to head with fried pork rolls, Burgers, and the Solid Ground fan favorite, Ugly Nugz (Cubed chicken breast brined in our buttermilk dredge tossed in a choice of Gochujang sauce, Buffalo Sauce, or Garlic butter & Parmesan).

Built on Solid Ground
The Sierra Foothills welcome visitors annually with daily and seasonal treats from a host of El Dorado Wineries and Craft Breweries, as well as delectables from famed Apple Hill purveyors.

Hills of blossoming vineyards, native pine trees, and incredible Sierra views create a landscape rich in natural beauty. The town of Placerville is a gold country treasure, also known as “the hub of the Mother Lode”. Rich in California heritage and historic landmarks, Placerville’s Main Street blends unique boutique shops, hip pubs, and modern restaurants with thriving retail/service businesses. In addition to various cultural events, including the Art & Wine Festival and the holiday Festival of Lights, several of Placerville’s eateries have gained notice on the national culinary scene.

Outdoor Misters Elevate the Patio Experience
On any given weekend, a stop at the Solid Ground may find long lines to sip and sit or relish in live musical entertainment. Worth the trip, many visitors appreciate the outdoor misters for providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to unwind and savor a favorite beverage.  Patrons often rave about the outdoor misters, describing them as a game-changer for enjoying the open-air seating area, especially during hot Sierra Foothill summers. Whether a seasoned craft beer & wine enthusiast or a casual imbiber, a visit to Solid Ground Brewery & Winery promises an unforgettable experience rooted in authenticity and flavor. With tasty food, friendly staff, and a dog-friendly patio, this hotspot has become a must-visit destination for those seeking a festive place to celebrate summer.

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