About Michelle Roe

From ‘A’ for movie star Ashley Judd to ‘Z’ for fashion designer Zang Toi, former Marketing/Creative Director, Michelle Arzino Roe has covered entertainment, fashion, food, and travel with her written words having graced the pages of Palm Springs Life Magazine, Desert Publication’s 90 Days of Summer, Empire Polo Lifestyle Magazine, the book, Encountering Women, as well as various California media outlets. Her articles for Koolfog focus on the lifestyle benefits of Koolfog misting systems at amusement parks, restaurants, hotels and public events as well the valuable impact in various other industries.

Using Misting Systems for Restaurant Marketing

Palm Springs Restaurant Uses Misting Systems as a Marketing Tool

In areas like Palm Springs and Sacramento, restaurant owners are branching out to include new kinds of marketing techniques to convince patrons to enter their front door. Koolfog’s misting systems have found their way into a number of eclectic and trendy restaurants who’s consistent patronage have skyrocketed since the inclusion of outdoor cooling solutions.

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