Refresh with a Beer Under the Patio Misters at Sudwerk Brewing Co.

On a warm day in the Central Valley, patio misters can be seen from the roadways approaching the causeway between Davis and Sacramento. In contrast to the heat, the plumes of cool mist welcome guests hinting that Sudwerk Brewing Co. is open for business. Known for its fine craft beer and amazing food fare, this refreshing oasis is also a hub for community arts, culture, events and more! 


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Most recently, Sudwerk Brewing Co. was featured on the Food Network ™’s new show hosted by Guy Fieri titled “Best Bite in Town”. It involves Fieri and friend Noah Cappe, teamed with chefs Tiffani Faison and Jet Tila, to sample dishes from a selected city’s most popular restaurants. Fieri and his “Bite Club” tasted bites from Sudwerk, The Hotdogger, Hikari Sushi & Omaskase, Tommy J’s Grill & Catering, sudwerk sacramentoHandheld Sweet & Savory Pies and Zumapoke & Lush Ice. While The Hotdogger took the win, Sudwerk’s’s Chef Troy Lockwood served up a delicious dish of Grilled Fish & Chips with Caviar Sturgeon, Avoccado Tartar Sauce, House Made Potato Chips/and Charred Lemon. Soo good!!

Established in 1989, this German-inspired brewery blends traditional beer-making processes with innovative California artisan craft practices. The result, the creation of one of the region’s most award-winning breweries with a collection of some of the finest beers in the West.

Awards by the numbers:

  • 8 Medals for The People’s Pilsner at the Great American Beer Festival
  • 13 Awards won at the California State Fair Beer Competition
  • 18 Total Awards received from the GABF
  • 2021 – The year Sudwerk was awarded Brewery and Brewer of the Year in the United States in production size.

A Dock to Host Community
The Dock is a designated are that serves as “a seasonal, experimental playground where curious consumers can taste the creative efforts of our brew.” This is a family and dog-friendly space that hosts live music, fundraisers, and community events. On any given day, you might find festive booths and a crowd of eager revelers joined in celebration. In addition to providing the perfect University, laid back vibe, The Dock features Sudwerk’s Concert Series, an Oktoberfest tribute, and special events such as the annual Davis Cherry Blossom Festival.

A Cold Beer on a Hot Day With Misters On Tap
This brewery also brings people together over a good beer and a meal shared in its spacious dining room.  The mouth-watering menu includes kid friendly option and a special Sunday Brunch offering. Then there is the 3500 square foot beer garden. This open-air environment sports a shade, structure, fire pits and of course, patio misters.  If you are craving an al fresco pint, this is the spot to choose from 48 taps of thirst- quenching Sudwerk’s finest beers, nosh on a burger, or chill with a River City Beer Float.

To quote their website:
“This Is Sudwerk. We’re big believers in enjoying a good beer and a good meal, paired with a friendly place to share it with friends.”
A friendly place that has invested in misters to keep their friends cool and comfortable. So raise a glass in cheers to Sudwerk!

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