Break Even Beermakers & Koolfog Misters Welcome Beer Garden Season

Springtime weather warms up just as small batches of liquid gold are mined at Amador City’s Break Even Beermakers. If sampling fine craft beer is your thing, you’ll want to make one of the best day trips to sip suds under the misters near me and you and the Bay Area and the Sacramento, Central Valley, and Sierra Foothill regions. You get the “draft”… beer garden season is here!

Sipping Small Batch at the Source
One of the many charms that characterizes Break Even Beermakers is its Amador home. Known as California’s smallest incorporated city, Amador City provides the perfect setting for Break Even’s taproom, with a reputation as a small-batch brewery with a big personality. From its cleverly named beverages to its fun and flavorful food menu choices, this place takes advantage of the best of the West’s agriculture by cultivating a celebration of California’s farm-fresh offerings. Local, regional, and sustainably sourced ingredients take center stage in every taste with hops and fruits picked from the family ranch, less than five miles from the brewery.

Break Even Beergarden’s Best- A Sampling

  • The Hoppy Heater: Hundred Percent: Strata (pineapple rind & smooth mango)
  • Bluebelly (sippin’ beer)
  • The Head of Joaquin Murieta (guava West Coast tropical funk)!
  • Oh, and there are fresh batches of Amador Gold, (honey-buttered bread)

It’s All in the Design
The brewery’s dog-friendly venue has many spots to sit, be social, and take in the scent. Within the old bones of an original building structure, the interior has been renovated with a bohemian bent, natural materials, and an open-air feel. The front porch and the umbrella-shaded back patio with picnic tables are not only aesthetically pleasing hubs but stylish and comfortable spaces. 

According to one online reviewer: “The high line elevated water misters in the high heat, and the outside cabana offered relief from the scorching sun.”

misters on restaurant patio

The misters are carefully spaced for optimum evaporative cooling. That means the misters emit a fine foggy haze on very hot, dry days that cools the ambient temperature without making the air feel wet.  Place around the eves of the structure, misting lines, and misting nozzles receive water from a high-pressure pump that atomizes the droplets that come of the misters. If you are ever interested in professional design like this, a Koolfog estimator will come on-site to provide consultation and measure all spaces to design a misting system solution that meets every customer need. 

Music, Special Events, And Misters
Clients that host different events throughout the year, including warmer seasonal months, are recommended to call Koolfog on-site as early as possible as part of your event planning preparation. 

Break Even Beermakers hosts many different events featuring live music, a great environment, as well as fabulous food. Refreshments including wines, ciders, sparkling water, and, of course, the arguably best backroad beer in Motherlode country, invite California explorers to cool off under the misters with a cold one.

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