A Misting System Makes for A Great Day At High-Hand Nursery

High-Hand Nursery is a gorgeous garden property located in the heart of Loomis. While the misting system enhances the temperature of the environment, High-Hand is a premier provider of plants and gardening supplies while preserving the horticultural traditions of the area. The nursery has helped introduce new plant species and varieties to the region while also promoting sustainable gardening practices. High-Hand Nursery is a prominent fixture in the Loomis community, serving as both a retail destination for gardening enthusiasts and a reminder of the region’s agricultural heritage. This historic environment showcases unique shrubs, Japanese maples, and floral varieties in a setting that has been created as an experiential, interactive destination where guests can immerse themselves in horticultural displays, culinary tastings, and artisan creations. In addition to being an active nursery with landscaping services, High-Hand sports a Café, Craft Brewery Tastings, a Flower & Gift Mart, an Olive Oil Company, Mercantile & Art Gallery.

nursery misting system

Must Do’s at This Historic Destination Property:

  • “Sip Your Favorite Beverage as You Stroll Through The Gardens”
  • “Explore The Historic High-Hand Fruit Shed”
  • “Indulge In Free Olive Oil Tastings”
  • “Immersive Yourself in The High-Hand Art Gallery”
  • “Belly Up to The Outdoor Pizza Oven For A Fresh Slice Of Heaven”
  • “Grab A Bite in The Café Or Grab A Coffee ‘To Go’ In The Adjacent Boutique Bakery”


A Misting System to Cool Customers and Promote Healthy Plant Growth
A walk through the nursery brings guests around paths bursting with color and lovely sculptured water fountain features.    A giant greenhouse presents different annuals and perennials for purchase. The greenhouse is fitted with a custom misting system that helps to regulate the climate in hot weather. Placed along the ceiling rafters of the greenhouse, the misting system at High-Hand Nursery is a welcome sight for shoppers seeking plants that are not wilted.  The misting system also cools the ambient temperature in the greenhouse, allowing people to take their time to explore selections comfortably.  While the greenhouse’s composition is open-air, when you walk into the greenhouse in warmer months, you definitely feel the welcome temperature change.

Gourmet in a Glass Terrarium
Ever dream of enjoying lunch surrounded by the lush beauty of blooming treasures? 

Nestled within the nursery is a glass type of terrarium (not literally but conceptually) that houses the High-Hand Café. Serving farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients and handcrafted food, the mouthwatering menu satiates after an afternoon strolling through the nursery grounds. Our Koolfog Taste Team had a lovely spring brunch in this “living” green scene with samplings and shares including:

  • Fresh Made House Lemonade
  • High-Hand’s West Coast IPA
  • Crab Cakes
  • Farm Fresh Vegetarian Benedict
  • High-Hand’s Scrumptious Cinnamon Roll

misting system at High-Hand Nursery

One never knows what gem they will find hidden behind a topiary, in a tasting room, or within a special gallery nook; however, a trip to High-Hand provides a memorable indoor/outdoor lifestyle experience that engages visitors in an exquisite collection of sensory experiences.

  • Smell The Flowers
  • See The Plethora of Plants, Foliage, Garden Sculptures, And More!
  • Taste Savory and Sweet Treats
  • Hear The Sound of Gurgling Fountains
  • Feel The Cool Air Under the Greenhouse Misting System


Some of the Best Outdoor Misting Systems in Midtown Sacramento

Sacramento Midtown’s Cantina Alley has one of the area’s best outdoor misting systems to beat the heat while celebrating the finest in Mexican culture and cuisine. This vibrant, award-winning, restaurant location comes alive with sights, sounds, and tastes in an authentic tribute to Mexican tradition. Visitors can’t help but immerse themselves in the festive cantina atmosphere, soaking up the setting and savoring the tantalizing aromas that can transport guests to the bustling streets of Mexico City. Colorful street art, flickering string lights, and rustic wooden tables and chairs create an Instagram-worthy scene that beautifully blends traditional Mexican aesthetics with contemporary design.

Seen & Scene around the Cantina

Cantina “presencia de america latina” mural
“Presencia de América Latina (Presence of Latin America), also known as Integración de América Latina (Integration of Latin America) is a mural painted by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarenaheme that represents the unity and brotherhood of the different Latin American cultures….This mural was impressively recreated at Cantina Alley by local legendary artist Shaun Burner & Miguel Perez. It is located in our staff parking area, facing 24th Street.”

Outdoor Misters at Cantina AlleyCantina “perrito” Rooftop Dog
An ode to the Mexican abundance of Mexican dogs that find their perch upon rooftops to guard as well as welcome.

Cantina “VOCHITO” VW Taxi
An actual auto makes an artistic statement featuring popular Latin local transportation.

Cantina “Paletero” Cart
Patrons can grab a tasty street treat from straight from the cart!

El Santo Mural
A can’t miss fantastic homage to Mexico’s cultural comic phenom.


Mezcal, Margaritas & A Magnificent Menu

drinks at cantina alleyFeaturing fruit as a canvas for creating delicious cocktails and a variety of Mexican craft beers, the margherita’s are to die for and mezcal mixes are sipping perfection. Midtown’s Cantina Alley offers a delightful menu showcasing the rich flavors of Mexico. From classic street tacos to mouthwatering enchiladas, the food at Midtown’s Cantina Alley is prepared with care and precision, using high-quality ingredients to ensure that each bite is an explosion of zesty taste.

Don’t Miss:
The Cantina Cocketeleria: a bold list of signature cocktails including Signature Cantina Margarita made with 100% Blee Agave Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice, Organic Agave Nectar, with a Salt Rim and different flavors choices.

The House Elote: commonly called Mexican Street Corn, grilled and smothered in a creamy mayo sauce and topped with chili powder, cheese and lime.

Beyond the food and music, Cantina Alley also hosts special events and cultural celebrations throughout the year. Popular happenings include Mexican Independence, Dia de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo, offering an opportunity for the community to come together and experience the richness of Mexican culture firsthand.

The Best Outdoor Misting System Sets the Tone for An Al Fresco Party
outdoor misting system cantina alleyWhat sets Midtown Cantina Alley apart is its dedication to fostering a sense of comfort and community. Part of this commitment is providing the best outdoor misting system to make guests cool and comfortable on the cantina bar and patio spaces. Laced around the rooftop structures, misting lines and fans provide the perfect ambient environment for optimum revelry. This kind of high-pressure, evaporative cooling technology can be tricky to customize for such a dynamic environment. However, when working with an industry leader such as Koolfog, creating the best outdoor misting system is a sound investment.

In addition, the communal seating arrangement encourages patrons to strike up conversations with strangers, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and conviviality. Live music, often featuring traditional Mexican bands or local talents, adds to the vibrant energy of the place. It’s not uncommon to find patrons dancing to the infectious rhythms, turning Cantina Alley into a microcosm of celebration.

outdoor misting system sacramento


Love Dining on Outside? There’s a great “misting system near me”!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could Google your way to find a “misting system near me” so you could determine which restaurants have the best misting systems on their outdoor patios? We think so too. We have found, however, that search engines point to big box retailers to purchase DIY misting kits before seeking out professional misting companies that are experts in their field. In fact, the best misting systems are commercial grade and use high-pressure pumps to deliver atomized droplets of mist that evaporatively cool the immediate are without leaving it wet.

Koolfog is known as a worldwide industry leader that designs, manufactures, and installs the best misting systems on the market. We have an impeccable reputation for using the highest quality materials and our first-class customer service. We help restaurants maximize their service space by making their outdoor spaces comfortable for their guests. That’s why our roster of restaurant clients is not only extensive but our misting systems have been featured in various media outlets as enhancing the outdoor dining experience.

In the Sacramento region, you can find a Koolfog “misting system near me” at many dining and brewpub patios throughout the valley. Delta breezes, fresh veggies, and craft beer signal summer-time staples in our “Farm to Table” capital. As we know, though, seasonal temps can be toasty. Because our clients trust our ability to provide them with the best misting systems around, grabbing a quick bite or sipping on a favorite beverage al fresco is a welcome treat.

The Best Misting System, Best of Brew & More!

Urban Roots Brewery and Smokehouse, located in the mid-town of Sacramento, is a local hot spot. This independent craft brewery and smokehouse have a festive atmosphere and an outdoor patio scene with a cool vibe.  A large, colorful mural gives an artsy flare to the terrace that faces the covered outdoor patio. Outdoor string lights illuminate the space, so you can’t miss the “misting system near me” as it surrounds the patio structure.

misting systems near me sacramento

Koolfog takes great care in designing an outdoor cooling solution that meets the needs of outdoor dining establishments. We ensure that the misting nozzles’ position provides optimal coverage without excessive moisture. We place the high-pressure pump (or pumps depending on the size and scale of the facility) in discreet places to minimize noise but with easy access for maintaining the system.

Urban Roots Brewery and Smokehouse is a destination experience with special events, beer releases, and Tuesday Happy Hour pricing.  Visitors can tap into their beers (they also have a wine list) and taste from their mouth-watering menu.


Dining Under the Misters

Sip: Love Your Roots IPA
A new series of hop focused beers we are using to highlight new hop varieties, farming partners, brokers and new and innovative hop products or technique.

Snack: Pretzel
A vegetarian delight with a side of brown mustard and beer cheese

Splurge: All The Smoke
includes 1/4 lb angus brisket, 1/4 lb pulled pork,1/4 lb. turkey, 1/2 lb. pork belly burnt ends, 1/2 lb. pork ribs, 1/2 jerk chicken, one hot link and one bratwurst plus your choice of (4) 8 oz. sides, 4 pc. bread and house pickles.


Patio Misters, Pizza & Pints at kitchen747 Bar & Grill

At any given time, kitchen747 is packed with a community of people who come to this Roseville neighborhood locale to socialize, watch sports, eat good food, grab a drink, and play games. The restaurant is a friendly destination designed to entertain palettes as well as past-times, offering ping-pong, shuffleboard, and corn hole. The interior setting has a warm and inviting ambiance with featuring earthy tones, rich woods, and brick. Its rustic charm blends with industrial and modern décor to create a hip vibe. Various sporting events create a backdrop above the bar area with a view of the expansive outdoor dining area. Cozy fire pits warm patrons during chilly weather while patio misters cool guests in the hottest seasons.

A Hub for Roseville Buffs
The restaurant has tons of seating and boasts a huge dining room as well as different outdoor spaces to congregate and indulge. The large patio has a loggia to provide shade with strategically placed misting nozzles set around the structure. On yet, another level up, the rooftop patio sets the scene for viewing sunsets, meeting up, and more. Designing a multi-level misting system can be a challenge. However, Koolfog’s design team is very skilled at handling complex systems and working with different architectural structures. kitchen747’s “penthouse” style area’s patio misters create a comfortable environment for checking out the festivities below as well as taking in the action at nearby Nela Luken Park. 

misters luken park

Nela Luken Park is also a Koolfog customer and another Roseville gathering spot. The park has a large open turf area with a unique water sculpture, featuring playground misting poles. The sculptured mist poles were built to resemble railroad ties in homage to Roseville’s railway history. Nela Luken Park, itself, has railroad tracks formed as paths leading to a central train turntable area…in this case, a round plaza where visitors can gather at to cool off and interact with playground misting poles.  After a day of recreational fun at the park, kitchen747’s expansive outdoor patio is the perfect perch to continue cooling off under the patio misters while grabbing a bite, sipping on a refresher, and catching a glimpse of the Sacramento Valley’s famous sunsets.

Of Parties and Playful Menu Selections
With so many spaces to celebrate, kitchen747 is a perfect place for hosting a party.  The staff provides itself on its top-notch customer service, so guests are in good hands entertaining guests. The restaurant also hosts events of its own, including beer pairing evenings. With over 20 craft beers on tap, they also have an impressive wine list and serve various craft cocktails and mocktails.  The menu is outstanding with different food categories highlighted with a clever play on words. In addition to seasonal menu fare, diners can order from items filed under fork optional, leafy greens, specialty pizzas, fork needed, from the ground, for our offspring (kids menu), desserts and brunch.

patio misters Roseville kitchen 474

Mimosa’s & Misters
Kitchen747 is also a fabulous spot to brunch. Brunch. That special weekend experience brings friends and family together to chat about the week’s happenings and share a meal and one of the brunch’s staple pleasers, a mimosa. Sipping a mimosa under patio misters is something to look forward to at kitchen747.  Served Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 2 PM, the brunch menu is quite diverse, with sweet and savory plates mingled with breakfast beverage favorites.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch. Food and Fun. There’s always something going on at kitchen747. Add this hot spot to your list of must-do’s!


Snooks in Sacramento Adds Commercial Misting System for Guest Comfort

One of the charms of visiting a vintage town is exploring the local treasures, including restaurants, boutiques, and family-owned businesses. The Historic District of Folsom, California, is filled with vintage charm and offers a memorable experience in one of our nation’s premier Gold Rush towns. Oft called “Old Town Folsom” on Sutter Street, this destination location celebrates the history of the Pony Express, the railroad, and developments along the American River Parkway. This historic district also embraces modern amenities, including commercial misting systems, to attract visitors.

Set among old western-styled buildings and weathered facades, upscale bistros, wine cafes & festive pubs mix with fashionable, retail shops and in the heart of Folsom’s Historic District, Snooks Candies & Chocolate Factory is a stand-out. Established in 1963 by John & Jeannine Snook, Snook’s is a confection aficionado’s dream. Hand-crafted specialty chocolates, truffles, toffee, butter brittle, caramel, and more offer an alluring sweet fest you can’t miss. A trip to Snooks, whether for a hot chocolate and piece of fudge in Fall or to enjoy an ice cream on a warm day, is always a treat.

During the pandemic, many food entities were forced to move their services outside and like many hot spots across the nation, proprietors of Sutter Street in Folsom were forced to provide for guests and employees while braving the elements. Inclement winter weather and sizzling Summer temperatures gave rise to creative solutions to make visitor experiences valuable. 

Jim & Renee Snook, the second generation of Snook family candy makers, are determined to give their patrons reason to linger a bit longer by installing a misting system to cool their customers on the patio walk surrounding their corner shop. In their first attempt, Snooks configured a DIY type, big box, low-pressure cooling kit that did not meet their expectations and left visitors wet from dripping moisture. 

Now, the Historic District of Folsom has come alive as people return to traditional routines, but they have come to expect elevated customer service and guest experience. Seeing this need, Jim & Renee decided to upgrade their misting system with a commercial grade, custom design by Koolfog. Koolfog configures a cool mist solution that allows for a high-pressure pump to be placed on the building rooftop with wrap-around stainless steel welded misting line and mist nozzles placed approximately 24” apart for optimum distribution. The misting system can be programmed on a timer to release atomized mist that essentially evaporates in the atmosphere to cool the ambient air rather than wet the surroundings. The results have been amazing. 

One of the rare features of this hometown chocolate shop is confections are made on view to the public for an interactive experience during the production of confections or enrobing of items along the 30-foot chocolate enrobing machine.

On any given day, the scene at Snooks comes alive with determined sweet tooths lining up to savor scrumptious delights as smiling faces happily lick their ice cream cones on benches outside. The misting system has added to the experience helping to draw more traffic to the chocolate factory with its refreshing visual appeal, inviting people in, and keeping them enjoying themselves a bit longer in the cool air. Nothing better than sharing a bonbon al fresco!!

The Snook’s have also noticed an interesting bonus benefit. No flies when the misters are running! Yes, you heard it. No flies. Snooks has always utilized an air curtain over the entrance doors and an outdoor fan above the doors to keep hot air out and cool air in with the added benefit of keeping insects away. Even with every effort to combat the critters, they occasionally found their way in. Placing Koolfog around the entire storefront has been very effective in deterring the insects. The addition of the Koolfog misting system seems to act as a defense screen…so no flies to take a bite out of the fun! Go to www.snookscandies.com to check out their sensational sweets!!

Device Brewing Company Installs Koolfog Patio Misters

If the cold weather has you dreaming of warmer months, head over to one of Device Brewery’s Sacramento region locations to enjoy the best of every season. Device Brewery is a family-run nano-brewery with three places to sip and savor stouts, ales, IPA’s and a host of delicious food snacks. Recognized as a fine producer of craft beer, Device Brewery is building quite the treasure trove of awards enhancing their reputation as creators of some of the best craft lagers around. Each location is unique in ambiance with varied bites and special brews poured seasonally as well as those year-round standards such as Device’s award-winning Integral IPA.


West coast-style India Pale Ale brewed with Midwest malt, Northwest hops, and California ale yeast. Copper color. Medium body, dry finish, medium bitterness, and light caramel malt flavors. Dry-hopped with Mosaic hops to give a very pleasant hop aroma of berries, citrus, and tropical fruits.

The Device Brewery & Taproom on 14th Avenue showcases honored beers that are now distributed throughout Northern California from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, and Bakersfield to the Oregon border in more than 2,500 retail accounts. But those lucky dwellers in the Sacramento region have their choice of sampling some of the best craft brews in town. When at the Device Brewery Taproom be sure to check out the menu and try the Pork Schnizel with Dijon Demi-Glace, Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Veggies, Lemon Pinwheels, and Chives.  Add your own twist with customizable “Nacho Nods” adding a choice of sour cream, pico, cheese, jalapenos, chipotle, grilled or crispy chicken. 

If you are in the mood for a quintessential city craft brew tasting experience, head to Device Brewery Ice Blocks Midtown location. Situated amidst an artful mix of warehouse structures, historical architecture and high-tech neighbors embodying a cool place for businesses, retail and lifestyle residences, Device Brewery is the heart of the scene.  Grab a crowler or a growler of “Made In Sac” IPA with house-made Mac & Cheese with Bacon.

The Device Pocket/Greenhaven Taproom+ Kitchen has delicious dishes and a bevy of beer on tap to enjoy. This hot spot has a weekly Taco Tuesday fest as well as Weekly Trivia. For those seeking the perfect place to host a celebration, this Device Brewery location offers a distinguished special events venue. In Spring and Summer months the patio is thriving with those reveling in the breezes floating over the nearby Sacramento River while basking in the sunshine holding a mug of the seasonal:


A crisp and light German-style Lager. This tasty brew is perfect on a warm day and leaves you wanting more.5.2% ABV – 16 IBU

Indoor dining, take-out, outdoor heaters and patio misters can be found at all locations to make the most of guest comfort.  In addition to sharing their passion for craft brew, creating a comfortable environment to sip and savor is one of Device Brewery’s tenets. Based on reputation and local business referrals, Ken Anthony of Device Brewing Company commissioned Koolfog to create comfortable outdoor patio environments for its customers at two different Sacramento area locations. 

patio misters sacramento
Using industrial suspension lines, stainless steel compression fittings, and high pressure evaporative cooling pumps, Koolfog designed, manufactured and installed custom fogging systems to keep customers cool and comfortable during the hot months from May to October. 

According to Anthony, “This is not a backyard misting system you could buy at a big box hardware store with vinyl tubing that hooks up to your garden hose faucet. This is an advanced technology that looks great, and when the fog is covering our patio on a hot day, our guests are surprised they are not getting wet. The evaporative cooling is that fast! I also think that when people see others enjoying one of our award-winning beers on the patio with fog everywhere, they want to share that same experience. It really draws people in. I’ve recommended the Koolfog system to several of my peers in the food and beverage industry.”

Girl’s Night Out at Shangri-La… Not Just For Grown-Ups

Planning a celebration for teens is not always easy. Recently, FogGirl 2.0 (our older daughter is FogGirl OG) had planned a fun evening in Old Sacramento to celebrate her 15th birthday. She and her squad anticipated a night without chaperones to enjoy riverside eats and a ride under the stars on the Waterfront Park Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately, the morning of the big day, there was a snafu and reservations were canceled.

We began the scramble to come up with an equally exciting agenda, with the energy imagined for a 15th soiree, when Shangri-La Restaurant in Fair Oaks came to mind. Koolfog has worked with Shangri-La to provide cooling misters for guests as well as staff and our team loves the ambiance as well as the food. Shangri-La is an amazing destination offering flavorful gourmet fare on a pristine Palm Springs-inspired patio. Bright colors mix with a bocci court and an outdoor bar creating a festive scene and be seen oasis. Filled with palms, flamingos and a tres chic vibe, this sophisticated setting offered the perfect place to impress style-minded teens. With a shout-out to the understanding owner, Sommer Peterson, we were able to secure a last-minute reservation and the day was saved.

The girls were excited for this new adventure, an opportunity to get their glam on, take lots of photos, and try new tastes. Upon arrival, the ladies were greeted by the wonderful staff and were delighted to experience the “Mojito Mocktail”. Described as a “treat with a lemongrass twist’, the youthful gals were able to lift their glasses to cheer the birthday girl while adding a splash to their sense of adulting.

patio dining shangri la fair oaksShangri-La’s menu is spot on with the versatility to satisfy diverse crew cravings and dietary needs that include gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous, and carb-friendly. La La’s Grilled Cheese mingled on the table with shrimp and the Steak Frite Burger, while bites of the Baja Fish Taco’s and Ahi Poke were shared. Fried Mary’s Chicken was a fan favorite with a fancy dessert plate sweetening the meal. The Candy Bar, a stacked brownie with peanut butter mousse, candied nuts, and caramel, gloriously ended the party on a high note.

FogGirl 2.O and her pals had the best night with a fashionable event that was compared to the likes of a “Gossip Girl” worthy gathering. “Shangri-La magically takes you to another place and the food was amazing. But what really stood out was the customer service. The friendly attention we received and the great service truly made us feel welcome. Sommer Peterson even took time from her busy schedule to check in on us.”

It is no easy feat to wrangle a group of teens into trying a new spot or find a fun activity to keep them safely engaged. The team at Shangri-La has outdone themselves on all levels…with not an eye-roll in their midst. Put this venue on your list of “must-do’s” for your teen’s “girl’s night out” with the confidence that they will keep cool under the misters and leave the restaurant feeling special as they have enjoyed a uniquely tasteful culinary experience. With Homecoming right around the corner, make your reservations now!

2021 Home Improvement Trend: Patio Misters To Optimize Lifestyle Spaces

Patio misters, a previous mainstay in many dry climate areas, became a huge “must-have” in 2020 as outdoor retail, dining, exercise, and entertainment spaces became precious commodities. There has been a surge in the procurement and installation of misters at restaurants, parklets, gyms, even cosmetology schools whose instruction was moved outside. Patio misters have been attached to free-standing structures, tents, patios, loggias, terraces, and garden planters to offer respite from hot weather temperatures.

With the advent of Covid-19, many took inventory of their living and lifestyle situations while enduring the realities of isolation. Faced with working at home, playing at home, exercising at home, and entertaining at home, people began to fundamentally change their view of how they would prioritize the use of the space available to them. Home improvements, enhancements, and optimizing the use of outdoor spaces became investment opportunities for homeowners.

Selecting Premium Patio Misters
Patio Misters are considered high-pressure fog solutions for commercial and residential applications. Also referred to as “patio misting systems” and “cooling mist systems” the evaporative cooling technology produces fog by strict definition. Misting systems are designed appropriately to each target environment, which includes the misting pump, water treatment, controls and the distribution line and nozzles.

Koolfog specializes in designing and manufacturing patio misters that are customized to specific environments. With more than 30 years of experience in high-pressure evaporative cooling and special effects, Koolfog solutions are both effective and consistent. With optimum, long-lasting performance Koolfog patio misters can cool an expansive area by up to 35 degrees when designed for size, performance and automated control.

Patio Misters Add Value to Residential Homes
Residential owners invest a sizeable amount of their income to landscape and beautify their outdoor living spaces. Now more than ever, patios and decks are being designed as an extension of the family room, ideal for entertaining small gatherings, dining al fresco, exercise, reading, and homework. However, when seasonal temperatures rise, these activities can be subject to the elements making the environment uncomfortable or even unhealthy during a time when every bit of real estate matters.

According to Nicole Dibble, Realtor with Keller Williams Luxury, “Investing in patio misters adds value to your residence and enhances your lifestyle opportunities by improving upon your property. Much like adding a pool or solar to your home, the addition of patio misters is an enhancement that allows you to capitalize on using your living space. People and pets are cooled, the environment is enhanced and gardens are humidified to create an appealing outdoor oasis.”

With vaccines rolling out, society as a whole is looking to the future and looking forward to a post-pandemic sense of normalcy. As this crisis continues and evolves, however, it remains to be seen if we will be faced with cohabitating with the virus for some time to come. Therefore, patio misters will be a sought-after home enhancement to optimize living, working, and dining spaces and this trend will remain a focus from 2021 forward. Get ahead of the rush to install a custom patio mister and call Koolfog now!

Koolfog’s 2021 Seasonal Guide for Installation & Maintenance of Outdoor Misting Systems

This past year has been a whirlwind experience for everyone. Whether you stayed at home or ventured out for a bit of outdoor fun and food, this pandemic has taken us all for a ride. The ups and downs of closures and openings have affected everyone. Koolfog pivoted its sales and design resources to help as many clients and new customers as we could during last summer’s surge while following CDC and OSHA guidelines to keep everyone safe.  outdoor misting systems

We are hopeful about the new vaccines being given but before we look forward to a return to “normal”, we anticipate more uncertainty before we can truly say that the COVID-19 crisis is done for good. To help our outdoor misting system customers plan ahead, we put together this seasonal installation and maintenance guideline. If you find that you need technical assistance with your misters, call our technical support team (link to contact) or your local installer for assistance.

Let’s begin with Winter expectations as we are in this season currently. Now is, actually, a great time to think about the INSTALLATION of your outdoor misting system. If you think this is something you want in place for the onset of summer’s heat, you should definitely schedule a FREE estimate as soon as possible. We know this doesn’t seem like a priority and the weather isn’t necessarily suited for outside entertainment, however, planning ahead can set you up so you can get ahead of the spring rush.

With pandemic repercussions continuing to concern, Koolfog expects its own surge as the first signs of warmth begin to draw folks outside. Businesses will be looking at ramping up their service and space requirements and residents will be realizing how they wish to spend their time at home while riding things out. Our estimators and design team will be ready to assist you.

For those businesses and homeowners with an existing outdoor misting system, now’s the time to bring them out of their winter hibernation. Call your installer if you require assistance with any of the following:

  • Reconnect your dormant mister system to its main power and water supply
  • Change oil
  • Inspect the system and nozzle integrity
  • Replace misting nozzles that are not performing
  • Perform an active run-thru to ensure that the system is misting the area optimally

Performing general maintenance on your outdoor misting system during spring is important because it extends the life of your misters and ensures that everything is fully functional when summer’s sizzling temperatures climb.

Summer at Koolfog is fast and furious and we have all cylinders firing! From manufacturing to our customers support team, everyone is going non-stop. This is our peak season when the weather is hot and folks want their outdoor misting systems working perfectly. If you find that you need technical assistance with your misters call our technical support team or your local installer for assistance.

When it begins to cool down, most use their outdoor misting system less in anticipation of moving to indoor activities. Misting system maintenance protects your misting system during the winter months when your system is inactive. Although you may be in an area where the days are still reasonably warm, just one night at low or freezing temperature can create cracks, bursts or leaks in your misting system’s pipes and components. Even without freezing, water sitting in the pipes can become stagnant and should be emptied when you aren’t using your misting system for a long time. Regular Fall maintenance should include these steps:

  • Disconnect the water supply
  • Complete minor repairs
  • Air purge lines using compressed air
  • Replace water filters with dry & canister o-rings with new, for quick start-up in the Spring.

Our team hopes that Koolfog’s 2021 Seasonal Guide for Installation & Maintenance of Outdoor Misting Systems will help you make your planning and decision making a little easier.

36 Handles Public House EDH Creates Patio Oasis With New Koolfog Misting System

Does this heatwave have you craving an iced cold beer? Are you too hot to cook but don’t want to brave the elements? Don’t let COVID cabin fever get you down. Head on out to 36 Handles Public House in El Dorado Hills for a truly refreshing experience. The crew at 36 Handles has created a chill patio with a misting system to enjoy craft beers, fine cocktails and curated pub fare while managing social distancing guidelines with outstanding friendly service. 

On approach, you’ll be welcomed to a beautiful outdoor oasis filled with spaced out tables, lifted umbrellas, and awnings and pillars that seem to climb with greenery.  Open-air natural lighting mingled with ample shade allow guests to enjoy their surroundings and take the opportunity to get outside. 


El Dorado Hills Misting Systems


Misting System Helps Beat the Heat

On this particular day, the terrace was filled with people noshing on colorful plates and drinks while working on various activities. One person had their computer out for what appeared to be a working lunch. Another person was relishing in a solo lunch to read and a few tables were talking and laughing in celebration of COVID-19 deprived social interaction…all in 100-degree heat. Patrons didn’t seem to mind because their misting system was in full operation. Koolfog’s high-pressure misting system can cool ambient temperatures up to 30 degrees depending on outdoor conditions. 36 Handles Public House has used this technology to their benefit and has installed mist lines on their walkways, surrounding structures, and above their dining area to create a truly comfortable environment. So don’t let a heatwave stop you from sampling the many suds on draft. 

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”- William Shakespeare —

36 Handles website boasts, “True to our name, we feature 36 draft lines. About 10 of our lines stay with the same staple brews while the other 26 are on a constant rotation.” California craft blends are aplenty such as local California State Fair winner, Folsom Dam Good Pilsner (Fort Rock Brewing, Rancho Cordova), and 805 Blonde Ale (Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles). Just as famed classics including Guinness Draught (Guinness, Saint James’ Gate, Leinster) can be found on tap. With a daily happy hour to kick back, blow off some steam and taste some amazing dishes, try dining under the misting system at 36 Handles Public House to restore the spirit!

Koolfog Taste Team Appetite:

  • Bar Cravings, Zucchini Fries
    • Frid Zucchini Sticks served with Buttermilk Dressing
  • Handhelds, Proper Bita
    • Stacked Bacon, Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Little Gem Lettuce, Basil Aioli on Grilled Surdough
  • Love Handles, Chocolate Lava Cake
    • Warm Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream

Go to 36handles.com for more information.