Snooks in Sacramento Adds Commercial Misting System for Guest Comfort

One of the charms of visiting a vintage town is exploring the local treasures, including restaurants, boutiques, and family-owned businesses. The Historic District of Folsom, California, is filled with vintage charm and offers a memorable experience in one of our nation’s premier Gold Rush towns. Oft called “Old Town Folsom” on Sutter Street, this destination location celebrates the history of the Pony Express, the railroad, and developments along the American River Parkway. This historic district also embraces modern amenities, including commercial misting systems, to attract visitors.

Set among old western-styled buildings and weathered facades, upscale bistros, wine cafes & festive pubs mix with fashionable, retail shops and in the heart of Folsom’s Historic District, Snooks Candies & Chocolate Factory is a stand-out. Established in 1963 by John & Jeannine Snook, Snook’s is a confection aficionado’s dream. Hand-crafted specialty chocolates, truffles, toffee, butter brittle, caramel, and more offer an alluring sweet fest you can’t miss. A trip to Snooks, whether for a hot chocolate and piece of fudge in Fall or to enjoy an ice cream on a warm day, is always a treat.

During the pandemic, many food entities were forced to move their services outside and like many hot spots across the nation, proprietors of Sutter Street in Folsom were forced to provide for guests and employees while braving the elements. Inclement winter weather and sizzling Summer temperatures gave rise to creative solutions to make visitor experiences valuable. 

Jim & Renee Snook, the second generation of Snook family candy makers, are determined to give their patrons reason to linger a bit longer by installing a misting system to cool their customers on the patio walk surrounding their corner shop. In their first attempt, Snooks configured a DIY type, big box, low-pressure cooling kit that did not meet their expectations and left visitors wet from dripping moisture. 

Now, the Historic District of Folsom has come alive as people return to traditional routines, but they have come to expect elevated customer service and guest experience. Seeing this need, Jim & Renee decided to upgrade their misting system with a commercial grade, custom design by Koolfog. Koolfog configures a cool mist solution that allows for a high-pressure pump to be placed on the building rooftop with wrap-around stainless steel welded misting line and mist nozzles placed approximately 24” apart for optimum distribution. The misting system can be programmed on a timer to release atomized mist that essentially evaporates in the atmosphere to cool the ambient air rather than wet the surroundings. The results have been amazing. 

One of the rare features of this hometown chocolate shop is confections are made on view to the public for an interactive experience during the production of confections or enrobing of items along the 30-foot chocolate enrobing machine.

On any given day, the scene at Snooks comes alive with determined sweet tooths lining up to savor scrumptious delights as smiling faces happily lick their ice cream cones on benches outside. The misting system has added to the experience helping to draw more traffic to the chocolate factory with its refreshing visual appeal, inviting people in, and keeping them enjoying themselves a bit longer in the cool air. Nothing better than sharing a bonbon al fresco!!

The Snook’s have also noticed an interesting bonus benefit. No flies when the misters are running! Yes, you heard it. No flies. Snooks has always utilized an air curtain over the entrance doors and an outdoor fan above the doors to keep hot air out and cool air in with the added benefit of keeping insects away. Even with every effort to combat the critters, they occasionally found their way in. Placing Koolfog around the entire storefront has been very effective in deterring the insects. The addition of the Koolfog misting system seems to act as a defense screen…so no flies to take a bite out of the fun! Go to to check out their sensational sweets!!

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